I started work on the first of January 2006, with a lot of determination and enthusiasm. Problems and difficulties arose and were my day to day companions. I have learned to transform these problems into sustainable solutions for both the client and myself.

I have handled more than FOUR HUNDRED domain names, which I registered with godaddy.com, network solutions and moniker, mainly.

I have also registered multiple domain names through the Ministry of Economy and Trade using:
  • .com.lb
  • .gov.lb
  • .edu.lb
I am the technical contact person for multiple officially registered commercial companies in Lebanon (.com.lb), officially registered educational and/or organizations in Lebanon (.edu.lb; .gov.lb)

I am also responsible for Windows and Linux hosting accounts (Web and Email) and hosting support.

At work, I not only listen to clients but i am able to give and take regarding ideas and solutions. I am an active, dedicated and determined learner and web developer, with a hunger to learn and develop my skills more

Work reflects our personalities.

I have learned a lot with still a lot more to be learned.